New Haven, Connecticut

Population: 129,934

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New Haven, CT—known internationally as the location of Yale University—is a vibrant and diverse city.  It is also a welcoming destination for new immigrants from many Middle Eastern and African countries.  Its music ecosystem is characterized by longstanding, authentic partnerships between the schools and community music organizations.


Partner: New Haven Public Schools


Partner: Music in Schools Initiative – Yale School of Music

The Music in Schools Initiative was established in 2007 to explore how music can be used as a means of social change in the city of New Haven and beyond. The foundation of the Initiative is a partnership with the New Haven Public Schools in which teaching artists from the School of Music support the work of certified music-education teachers. The Initiative also includes the Morse Summer Music Academy, a biennial Symposium on Music in Schools, and a visiting professor whose work focuses on community engagement.

Partner: Neighborhood Music School

Neighborhood Music School is the largest non-profit community arts organization in Connecticut and serves more than 2,700 students from 80+ cities and towns annually.  In the 2017-18 school year, Neighborhood Music began to host the All-City Honors Advanced Band in collaboration with the Music in Schools Initiative.  Neighborhood Music is instrumental in connecting students from the city of New Haven and from the surrounding suburbs.

Partner: VH1 Save The Music Foundation 

“In 2005, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation began a partnership with the New Haven Public School District in New Haven, Conn. Each year, a firm commitment was made from [then-]Superintendent Mayo to budget for and hire certified music teachers. With his and the district’s commitment, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation provided grants of new musical instruments to each eligible school. Granting was completed in 2013 with two final grantee schools, Nathan Hale School and Fair Haven School.”

 New Haven Public Schools Retired Superintendent Dr. Reginald Mayo Receives 9th Annual VH1 Save the Music Foundation Award for Distinguished Support of Music